Awkward Goodbye

It was a cute little house on the corner of 5th. Tidy with the perfect ratio of modern ikea furniture and vintage decor. "Your dog has such unique eyes" I commented while packing up my equipment. "They're very human like." She agreed with a grin, and then told me how the pup acted like a human all the time. Without skipping a beat I replied, "I bet she has your Grandmothers soul or something.."

Her smile disappeared almost as fast as I let myself out. 

Old Habits

I woke up on a couch this morning. Popcorn kernels sprinkled throughout my curls . I was still wearing my coat, and my phone was nowhere to be found. I laid there for a minute trying to piece together the moments before I fell asleep.. I could see my pulse in my eyelashes. I don't know what it is about reverting back to old habits when your surrounded by the past. I can't believe it's already Sunday. So much work to get done.. fuck, this lesson is getting old.  


Parking Break

The parking brake failed again today. I was hanging out the passenger side door. Trying to reattach the fucking dreamcatcher for eighteenth time when it happened.. "Umm, excuse me Mister." I lightly yelled to the gentleman who had just parked in front of me. He looked up from his phone with a puzzled expression as I clung myself to the rearview mirror. "Could you help me? My parking brake isn't working, and I think might roll into your car."  

He paused for a few seconds then jumped into his 2017 something and drove up on to the curb. "Thanks a lot" I muttered, as I slowly made my way around Roseanne, like a starfish, using all my body weight to keep her from rolling into traffic.