There's nothing sexier then con·fi·dence

You want to know the fastest way to transform your body?

Start loving it.

Own your unique beauty.

Be thankful for it.

Don't take yourself so seriously. 

Use your energy for spreading positivity.

Let go of the bullshit.

This time,

Right now

Is precious. 

Stop wasting it complaining about nonexistent faults.

Stop with the self shaming.

Studies show it's unhealthy and can actually make you less attractive.

I know,

It's not your fault. 

Insecurity is a part of everyone's life.

But please! 

Can we spend more time worrying about

The ways in which we treat others?

Instead of obsessing about

How imperfect the soul's vessel is. 

Don't define yourself by your exterior.

You are so much more then your manufactured walls.