Robert's Rocks of Love

The day began like any other.. early and cold. Rowie hid underneath the blankets trying to grasp onto her last few minutes in dreamland, while I started to set up for breakfast. A few cars and old beat up RV pulled into the parking lot as the morning sky began to brighten.

“Let’s get a move on and eat after. I’m too bloody cold to sit still.” A muffled voice commanded from the back of the van.  

I wasn’t in the mood to disagree. So we layered up, locked up, and headed to the trailhead. Boynton Canyon was the last vortex on our list to visit.. And let me tell you, she did not disappoint. (click for Sedona hiking gallery)

As we made our descent back down the trail, we crossed paths with a lovely gentleman who stopped us in our tracks.  

He introduced himself as Robert, and asked if he could give us a gift. He then handed both of us our own heart shaped rock and said, "A love heart rock for you my dear, a gift for you from Mother Earth. The heart symbolizes unconditional love. Unconditional love is all that you will need to receive and give back to our mother universe."

We started a gorgeous conversation about the Sedona lands and his time spent walking through the red rocked country. Robert spoke beauty about the space which we were in, and how he visits everyday to play his flute as a way to give back to mother earth.

Although he was clearly on his way to the top of the vortex, we asked Robert if he’d be willing to play a song for us.. and just as soon as he started playing, the morning sun hit the trees around us. Melting the frost and filling the air with the sweet smell of mother nature’s perfume.